Covering 1.83 sq km and located in the geographic center of Guangzhou, Guangzhou International Bio Island is the core carrier of the National Biological Industry Base of Guangzhou (which consists of the Bio Island and Science City under the jurisdiction of the Guangzhou Development District) approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.

Bio Island was listed in the Outline for Reform and Development Planning of the Pearl River Delta Region in 2008, and was designated a national strategic project and provincial core construction project. As approved by the Guangzhou municipal government, the GDD Administrative Committee is the competent authority of the park, which is an important platform for strategic development of Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, Guangzhou Science City and Guangzhou International Bio Island within the GDD.

Guangzhou International Bio Island Investment & Development Co, Ltd was founded in 2010 and assumed responsibility for investment, development and operational management and investment promotion of the island.

On July 8, 2011, an opening ceremony was held for Guangzhou International Bio Island and the first biotechnology enterprises signed in. More than 100 biotechnology enterprises have so far found a home on the Bio Island. 

Guangzhou International Bio Island emphasizes introducing domestic and overseas high-end biotechnology enterprise headquarters and R&D centers, biotechnology research and development institutions, biological service enterprises and organizations that provide professional supporting services and financial investment organizations that provide such services as investment and financing and IPO listings for the development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Adhering to the service concepts of "all for enterprises, all for investors" of the GDD and under the guidance of the government, the Bio Island Company has been providing an all-round "one-stop" and "nanny style" service system for enterprises in the park that covers diversified services such as discussions on projects, review and approval of site selection, industrial and commercial registration, property management, consultation on policies, conferences and meetings and support services such as catering.

Since Bio Island's opening ceremony, it has successfully held several multi-party conferences for international biotechnology projects, such as a UK-China (Guangzhou) Healthtech Open Innovation Workshop and Israel-China Science Bridges and professional international activities such as project presentations by the Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association, and has actively taken part in establishing international cooperation mechanisms with several European and American countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, Israel, Switzerland, Cuba, Canada and the Netherlands. 

Relying on Guangzhou's rich cultural deposits, well-developed commerce and trade systems and suitable environment for establishing business, and the advantages arising from living in a millennium commercial city with an advantageous geographical location, the Bio Island will develop into a multifunctional urban center with integrated biotechnology enterprises, talents and information. 

It will be able to provide government services, commercial services supporting financing, trade and exhibitions, and other services for daily life. It will also be a place where high-speed pairing of wealth with intelligence occurs all the time, transactions of biotechnological achievements are frequent and bio-economy flourishes. 

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